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Very Quiet Dog – Is He Okay?

A very quiet dog is a sign that the dog needs special attention. After all, if he became quiet “out of nowhere”, it is a sign that he has a problem, like some localized pain.

However, it’s important to also consider your best friend’s routine . If it’s a very tiring routine, he might just be resting.

But if it’s a very tedious routine, it may be that the dog is experiencing some kind of canine depression . In other words, the variables are countless. And to help you understand this, here are some reasons that can make the dog very quiet:

  • Sudden change of routine.
  • Canine depression.
  • Changes in the dog’s environment.
  • Change in the number of family members.
  • A new dog in the environment.
  • Fights or assaults.
  • Localized pain or discomfort.
  • Fear of noises (such as thunderstorms).

See below for details on the list above.

Sudden change of routine

Dogs like routine. The sudden change of routine is a crucial factor for dogs to feel lost in some way. After all, they are used to something, and this “something” just disappears.

Here on the blog, we already have an article that talks about the importance of routine for dogs.

Generally speaking, whenever your best friend’s routine is changed, he will feel it. Dogs like routine. They need routine. And if the routine disappears, they can get a little lost – and sad.

Canine depression

Did you know that dogs have depression too? Yes, this is canine depression. This type of problem is very common in dogs that go through some mentally painful process.

The routine change example we mentioned earlier fits in with this. After all, a dog that changes routine abruptly is a dog that can develop depression.

In addition, he can also become depressed for other reasons, such as the lack of tutor company. Lack of stimuli and energy expenditure can make the dog very quiet. Which can be a sign of depression.

Changes in the dog’s environment

The simplest changes in the environment where your dog lives can make him stay quiet in his corner. After all, it fits with the routine. And routine, as you know, is a determining factor for a dog to feel complete in the environment.

If you move a wall, a piece of furniture or even a window, the dog will feel it. Also, if the changes are sudden, like a house move, the dog can be very apprehensive – and can stay quiet in his corner.

Any kind of change in the dog’s routine can lead to sadness. Or, at the very least, anxiety and stress. Which can later lead to sadness. So be careful with the adjustments you make at home.

Change in the number of family members

Another change that can make the dog very quiet is the number of family members. If you are going to increase or decrease the amount of members inside your house, the dog will feel it.

It can be with the arrival of a baby, the death of a family member or even visits that will “pass for a few days”. All these factors can generate stress in the dog . In severe cases, he can get really low and quiet.

So take care of your dog accordingly. He doesn’t like that kind of sudden movement. And if it has to happen, you need to know what to do with the sad dog.

A new dog in the environment

A very common reason why a dog is too quiet is the presence of another dog in the environment. That is, when the guardian decides to adopt another dog to make friends with the already resident.

Two dogs to keep each other company is a very good thing. Only you need to make this introduction healthy and slowly. After all, the dog that already lives in the house may find it strange.

Introduce the two dogs little by little. Preferably, study the breeds and see how they behave with other pets. If the breed you already have doesn’t like other dogs, don’t get another one.

Fights or assaults

Another factor that can make the dog very quiet is fights or physical or verbal aggression. That is, if the dog is attacked in any way by the owner, he can be absolutely scared and sad.

Many dogs end up becoming aggressive and destructive dogs precisely because of this factor. After all, they feel stressed and anxious about the tutor’s fights.

Therefore, never fight with your dog and much less have violent attitudes. This does not help at all in the conduct of care and well-being.

Localized pain or discomfort

Yes, localized pain and discomfort can be part of the routine and everyday life of a dog that is very quiet. And here, we enter a very complex and broad field.

After all, when it comes to some pain or physical problem, it’s essential that you take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. But to know if that’s right, it’s difficult.

Here’s a tip: observe the dog’s routine. If the mood routine changes overnight, it could be that he has some localized pain or some other problem.

Very quiet dog – Fear of noises (such as thunder)

Another factor that can make your dog lie down quietly in a corner of the house is noise. Yes, dogs can be scared by different types of noises. Including rain and thunderstorms.

Also, firework noises , even from afar, can scare the dog. So, if he is very quiet in his corner, he may be hearing thunder or fire far away.

In that case, the dog will repeat this attitude every time it hears noises. Then you will already know what it is about.

Diseases that make the dog very quiet

If your dog is very quiet and you don’t know exactly what’s going on, it’s important to consider the “illness” factor. It may not be. But prevention is better than cure.

Some problems or illnesses that can keep the dog quiet in his corner:

  • Fever;
  • Allergies;
  • Flu/colds;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Lack of appetite.

Some of these problems will show clear signs, such as diarrhea or vomiting. In that case, looking for a vet is easier. However, for other more “hidden” problems, it becomes more difficult to decipher.

Therefore, watch the dog’s routine closely every day. That way you’ll know exactly when he started to get downcast and you’ll be able to understand whether or not it’s a health problem.

Never stop taking your dog to the vet at the first signs of a possible problem. Do not make homemade medications.

What to do with a very quiet dog?

If you notice your dog is very quiet at home, it is important to consider some factors to help him, such as:

  • Balanced food.
  • Routine of games and interaction.
  • Environmental enrichment.
  • Avoid randomness in the routine.

Find out more about these aspects below.

Very quiet dog – Balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential to generate well-being and health for your best friend. If he is quiet, he may be sick due to lack of vitamins or nutrients.

So, feed him correctly so that the nutritional loads are adequate.

Routine of play and interaction

The dog needs a proper play and interaction routine. Never stop playing and interacting with your dog. Otherwise, he might be quiet and sad in his corner.

Very quiet dog – Environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is a very important factor to make the dog comfortable and happy indoors. They need environmental enrichment to expend physical and mental energy.

Otherwise, they can develop dog depression and then they can be sad and quiet in their corner.



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