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Injured dog paw pad – Learn how to treat the pads

Our best four-legged friends have very sensitive areas on their bodies. And one of them is pillows, which require special care. There are situations where we need to be aware of what can bring injuries to the dog s’ pads and all care is necessary. Find out in today’s article what are these care for the injured dog’s paw pad , the types of treatments for the wounds and also how to avoid them.

What are cushions?

Coxins are popularly known as dog and cat pillows. They are the part underneath the paws, coated with a thicker and more resistant skin.

As it is one of the most sensitive regions of the body of dogs and cats, the pillows require special care, as they are the ones that are in contact with the ground and supporting the weight of the animals at all times.

It is extremely important that dog tutors avoid walks during the hottest hours of the day, many people forget how hot the ground is on the streets because they are paved, but your dog is not.

There are reports of cases of serious burns on the pads of dogs due to walks at inappropriate times. And since dogs don’t know how to show pain, we often don’t even realize he’s suffering from the hot floor.

The tours must be up to 10 am in the morning and after 6 pm, which is when the sun has already set. If it’s summer and you’re in doubt, try the temperature of the floor with the palm of your hand, so you’ll know if you’re going to burn your dog’s paws.


How to treat injured dog paw pad?

To treat an injured dog’s paw pad, you must first examine the area and verify that it was not a very serious wound.

Often the cushions can be injured because the dog stepped on glass, or pierced with some metal or nail, or scratched in an accident and it is necessary to check the seriousness of the case. If it is a mild wound, it can be treated and healed at home, if it is something that needs more serious treatment or if there is a shard of glass embedded in the pads, the ideal is to go straight to a veterinarian.

The first step is to clean the area with warm water and then, with an antiseptic suitable for pets, you should not use human medications on dogs, as it could make the situation even worse.

After cleaning the site, if necessary, apply some healing ointment and ideally wrap the paws with a sterile gauze so that the site remains clean and dry, so the healing time of the wound will be shorter.

As we know, one of the first things that the dog will try to do is lick or remove the dressings made on the pads, in these cases, the best way to avoid this is to put an Elizabethan collar on the pet to solve this problem.

The ideal for recovery is to keep your dog at home while the treatment is being carried out, to take him for walks in the street to relieve himself, put on shoes to protect the dressings from dirt.

It is important to change the dressings once a day, always cleaning the wound and observing its evolution.

Important tip

Observe the pets’ cushions daily to be aware of the appearance of fungi or wounds. Our best four-legged friends will often not show pain and may be suffering from wounds in a sensitive place.



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