His loyal dog and veteran human passed away on the same day, causing him to sadly lie beside him and refuse to leave

The tale of a dog’s unwavering loyalty is timeless and universal, and this narrative of a war veteran from Minnesota and his faithful Labrador is no exception. When the veteran fell ill, many were astonished to witness his loyal canine companion’s health simultaneously decline. The two shared a palpable bond, demonstrating how profound their connection was.


Daniel Hove, a resident of Burnsville, was an individual who devoted his life to the service of others. His journey began in the air force, transitioning later into a career as a firefighter. Known for his selflessness, Daniel frequently put himself in harm’s way to ensure the safety of others. As his daughter, Heather Nicoletti, revealed to Kare 11 News, “He was a cornerstone of his department, always keen to innovate, educate, train, and stay abreast of the latest firefighting techniques.”

Veteran And Loyal Dog 3

Alongside Daniel was Gunner, his 11-year-old Labrador. The two were inseparable, with Gunner rarely straying from Daniel’s side. The intelligent Lab could uniquely gauge his owner’s emotions, influencing his mood. Their bond was indeed extraordinary.

In 2011, the courageous veteran received the grim diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Despite his valiant struggle, the toll of numerous chemotherapy sessions led to his retirement from firefighting in 2012. During his illness, Daniel was surrounded by his loved ones. His daughter, Heather, was a constant presence, but Gunner maintained an unyielding vigil by his side.

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Gunner’s emotional connection to Daniel was so profound that when Daniel’s health declined, Gunner’s did too. Heather observed, “Whenever my dad was agitated, so was Gunner. If my dad was restless, Gunner was restless. And when my dad became unresponsive, so did Gunner. Once we noticed Gunner’s deteriorating health and lack of activity, we knew the end was near.”

Amidst the turmoil of her father’s illness, Heather faced another heart-wrenching moment – acknowledging that Gunner was ready to depart. She rushed him to the vet, where Gunner was peacefully euthanized after a difficult decision.

Heather reflected, “I wasn’t sure what would be more traumatic for him: to ease his suffering by putting him to sleep or letting him live through my dad’s passing. I was convinced either scenario would kill him.”

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Later that same day, Heather was dealt another cruel blow. Her father passed away just ninety minutes after Gunner. It was as if Gunner had sensed his master was on the brink of departure.

Daniel’s life was commemorated beautifully. Fire Departments from Burnsville, Oakdale, and Maplewood paid tribute by driving slowly past his house with sirens blaring as a mark of respect. Daniel’s memory and the extraordinary bond he shared with Gunner will forever be cherished.

As Heather poignantly remarked, “We knew they would depart together. We didn’t realize it would be mere hours apart.”

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