Golden Retriever’s Love Story with Neighbor’s Dog Is a Modern Fairy Tale.

No one expects to fall in love with the boy next door, but when a shy golden retriever named Lola met her neighbor Loki, sparks immediately began to fly.

In March, Lola and her mom Amber Monte moved into their new home just outside of Surrey, England. Loki, a Staffordshire terrier, was one of the first to greet the new arrivals. His stretch of yard was separated from Monte’s property by a wooden fence, but despite the barrier, the two dogs got to know each other.

Lola the golden retriever at her home in EnglandLola the golden retriever at her home in England

“We’ve never lived next to other dogs before, and Lola was so excited to see another dog so often!” Monte told The Dodo. “When Loki was in his garden he’d always jump up at the fence and look for Lola, as he knew she was usually there.”

Lola reciprocated Loki’s advances, but her parents didn’t think it was anything more than a budding friendship. “Lola would always jump up and give him a little hello with some licks,” Monte said. “We only just thought they were getting to know each other and that would be it, really.”

Loki and Lola meet for the first time

Amber Marie Monte

Monte never worried that Lola would form any real attachment to Loki. After all, he just didn’t seem like her normal type. “She’s usually quite shy and timid,” Monte said. “She gets quite scared around other large dogs when we are out on walks, which is why we found it so odd when she took so well to Loki.”

But about a month ago, Monte noticed a change in Lola’s behavior. The dog now preferred to spend her days by the back door whining to go outside, as if pining for Loki.

Lola waits for Loki by the window

Lola waits for Loki by the windowAmber Marie Monte

“When we let her out, the first thing she’ll do is jump up at the fence to see if Loki is out,” Monte said. “If Loki isn’t out, she’ll sit and wait by the fence.”

Loki found Lola just as fetching, and even figured out a way to be closer to his beloved.

“A few times the past month we’ve actually come out to see Loki in our garden and them both playing around together,” Monte said. “Now, usually in the mornings when we go to let Lola out, Loki is sat waiting in our garden for her!”

Loki waits outside for Lola to come and play

Loki waits outside for Lola to come and playAmber Marie Monte

The two dogs love nothing more than those precious moments they spend together. And, luckily, Lola’s parents are understanding about her boyfriend’s frequent visits.

“They are so excited to see each other when they play — there’s lots of jumping around, running, lots of kissing!” Monte said. “They are inseparable when they are together.”