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Elderly dogs – How to reduce your pet’s stress?

Does your senior dog not want to eat or is he acting differently and more aggressively lately? Pay attention, as he may be going through a stressful period.

Just like humans, animals also get nervous when facing unpleasant occasions and places, but they don’t know how to manage emotions very well and therefore need our help.

Stress tends to be more recurrent in dogs that live in big cities or small apartments and spend most of the day alone, indoors.

In addition to causing inconvenient changes in behavior, such as excessive barking and biting, stress can also harm the animal’s well-being, interfering with blood pressure, immunity and heart rate, in addition to other health complications.

To ensure a good quality of life for your companion at this and at all stages of life, we’ve prepared a list of seven care for senior dogs that you need to take on a daily basis to reduce stress.

Identify the source of stress

Anyone who has lived with a dog for a long time is certainly familiar with the situations that make him irritable. However, it’s always good to be alert to signs that may indicate that your friend is under the effect of stress, such as:

  • Lack of appetite;
  • Hair fall;
  • Difficulty resting;
  • Fear;
  • Aggressiveness;
  • Bites;
  • Barking for no apparent reason;
  • Hyperventilation.

These behaviors can be triggered by very loud sounds (such as thunder, fireworks or horn), lack of activities, unusual movements in the environment and other situations that make the elderly dog ​​uncomfortable.

Practice exercises

Lack of exercise and too much time indoors are two of the main sources of canine stress. Therefore, it is interesting to bet on a slightly more hectic routine, with walks and outdoor games. Always respecting your dog’s limit.

Rather than exposing him to uncomfortable situations, take him for a walk, even around the block. The activity will calm him down and make it easier for him to adapt to new people, animals, sounds and smells.

Keep Calm

This advice is for the dog and for you. Animals have the ability to absorb the humor of their guardians. If you are going through a time of agitation and stress, this can be transmitted to your senior dog.

Therefore, it is important to escape irritation even before your arrival. When you notice yourself or your partner getting nervous, take a break and create some distraction. Avoiding arguments, fights and shouting also contributes to a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Comfort your dog

No one likes to go through uncomfortable situations and animals are no different. In difficult times, remember to be kind and pet your dog. This support will not leave him spoiled, but will instill confidence and security in him.

Create a comfortable environment

Time to relax may be just what your senior dog needs to get some peace of mind. For this, separate a quiet room in the house for him. Also provide water, food, blankets and toys, so that he can be alone and rest when he feels the need.

Invest in toys

As we mentioned in the second item, physical activities are essential to avoid stress, and toys are great allies at this time, especially if the dog spends a lot of time without company.

In stores and websites for animals, there are several interactive items that stimulate the movement and natural instincts of the pet, such as balls and dispensers for food, which unite fun and food.

Consult a veterinarian

In addition to trying to reduce stress with routine tips, it is essential to bet on science and listen to the words of an expert on the subject. When noticing nervous behavior and irritation, take your companion to the veterinary hospital and talk to a professional to find the possible causes of the problem.

With the right diagnosis, treatment will be easier and faster. In addition, the veterinarian will find new ways to adapt the routine so that your dog goes through the elderly phase in a peaceful and pleasant way.



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