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Dog vomiting – See the main causes and what to do

Vomiting is a common reaction of the dog’s organism, but it can also be a warning sign when it is very recurrent.

Dog vomiting is a symptom that can be caused by several factors, from poor diet to the manifestation of serious illnesses. Observation is the key to discovering the severity of the cause.

Dogs’ digestive health is very fragile, their stomachs and intestines are sensitive and do not accept many types of food well. For this reason, it is important to always feed them in the best possible way, that is, with food suitable for dogs, such as dry food, vegetables without seasoning and fruits.

Dog vomiting: what to do?

First, keep calm. Vomiting is not always a negative sign about the dog’s state of health. The organism of animals is extremely selective, so when dogs ingest toxic food or an object, the stomach causes vomiting as a way of expelling what is harmful. It is a defensive reaction.

However, vomiting can also be a symptom of a serious health problem or illness. It is very important to observe the dog’s behavior and if there are other signs that his health is not going well.

Before taking your dog to the vet, consider the following points to understand if vomiting is just a symptom of poor digestion or indicates something more serious.

How long has the dog been vomiting?

It is essential to observe how many times the dog has vomited during the day and how long he has been vomiting. In addition, it is important to understand the frequency of this episode, for example, if it always occurs after meals or at random times of the day. It’s not normal for a dog to spend more than a day throwing up.

How is the vomiting?

The color and consistency can indicate the presence of blood in the vomit. If the color of the vomit is too dark or does not match the color of the food that the puppy ate, you need to consider the possibility that the dog really is sick.

Is the dog listless?

The dog’s behavior before and after vomiting also reveals the severity of the cause. If they remain listless all the time, they are probably in pain. If this behavior lasts for more than a day, it is a sign that the vomiting is not just a result of poor digestion.

Is vaccination up to date?

This is an important issue, as many diseases that can be prevented through vaccination have vomiting as an initial symptom. Check your pet’s vaccination card.

Are there other symptoms?

When vomiting occurs due to a health problem, it is usually accompanied by other symptoms. Diarrhea is the most common of these, followed by apathy, constant crying and unusual secretions.

How can I help my dog?

Due to vomiting, digestion of food is not done completely. In addition, the body is dehydrated. It is very important to try to maintain the dog’s hydration, it is a way to make him recover faster.

Most likely, he will not look for water or food due to the discomfort that vomiting causes. It is the owner’s responsibility to offer food while the dog is weak.

Check out recipes that can help with this task!


Take him to drink water every two hours, see how often he accepts the drink. If he refuses the water from the potty, fill a syringe with water and sneeze it into the dog’s mouth, carefully and little by little so as not to provoke more vomiting. Dogs love ice water and also coconut water, try it!

Sick dog food recipe

Homemade food is much more attractive to the dog than dry food, especially at these times. In addition, a lighter and more natural diet greatly favors the recovery of the dog that is vomiting.


  • 1 cup of rice
  • 100 g of chicken breast
  • 1 grated carrot

Method of preparation

Cook the rice and carrots without any kind of seasoning, just with a pinch of salt. Do the same with the chicken. Wait for the food to cool down, then shred the chicken and mix well with the carrot rice. Divide into portions suitable for your dog’s size. Always serve warm.

Fruits are allowed in the diet of the dog that is vomiting, as long as they are not acidic, such as pineapple, orange and passion fruit. Papaya and banana are good options.


If the dog shows no improvement and has other symptoms besides vomiting, take him to the vet. Never medicate your dog without medical guidance.



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