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Dog tearing toilet paper – What to do?

Dog tearing toilet paper is a common attitude. If your dog has this type of attitude, know that there are problems to be solved in the animal’s daily life. However, what problems are these? How to make the dog stop chewing and tearing the paper? That’s exactly what you will learn in this text. So follow along and find out.

Dog ripping toilet paper

If your dog is tearing up toilet paper, it is of paramount importance that you take steps to correct it. But, how to do this without upsetting the animal and making the situation worse? There is no magic recipe or step-by-step solution to solve it overnight. However, there are some methods you can apply in the long run. Thus, it will be possible to see the changes and, consequently, provide more quality of life for the animal.

Well, when a dog is tearing up paper, know that he doesn’t do it because he loves to do it. He does it for other reasons linked to routine and experiences. We explain below.

Why do dogs like to tear up paper?

A dog tearing up toilet paper is not just a result of a stuck routine. But it is also a reflection of energy accumulation. That is, your dog is possibly channeling the accumulated energy to destroy the paper. And not just toilet paper. Other roles will also be welcome in this situation. After all, the dog’s will is not to tear the paper effectively. He’s in expending energy and curing anxiety in some way.

Yes, dogs are anxious if they don’t engage in activities that make them expend energy. And one of the ways to notice this is precisely in situations where they need to spend the accumulated energy. Tearing paper is just one of these alternatives. Because the dog can also chew furniture and even doors! But what can you do to make a dog full of energy feel more fulfilled? Follow along.

Dog tearing up toilet paper – Tips to improve behavior

From now on, we’re going to list some important tips for you to put into practice. Remember that every dog ​​is unique. That is, not necessarily the problem will be solved like magic. It’s important to understand canine behavior so that you can adapt best practices to your dog’s routine. Understand a little more.

Patience above all

First of all, you need patience. They are still just dogs wanting to have fun and spend their energy on something. If you start any kind of treatment or training procedures to improve, take it easy. At some point the dog will understand what he can and what he cannot. Never use violence or rudeness!

Make the dog spend energy above all else

As we mentioned during the text, the dog needs to expend energy. Go for walks, take him to the park, play in the backyard, leave toys nearby, offer new toys to get out of the routine, etc. These situations will decrease the animal’s anxiety and make him feel more fulfilled.

Keep toilet paper away

Finally, you can try to keep the toilet paper out of your pet’s reach. This situation is not the best, because as we mentioned, the dog will find another alternative to expend energy. He may start chewing on furniture and even the door. However, it is an interesting step if worked together with the previous ones. This way you will be acting on the problem and also acting on the prevention of what is causing this problem.

This type of procedure takes time. A dog takes time to assimilate what he needs and what he can and cannot do. Especially if he’s already an adult. So he goes slowly, take it easy and give it time. Good luck!



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