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Dog care: 07 health tips for your dog to live longer

The life expectancy of dogs revolves around 13 years. However, there are several simple everyday health tips that can help you live longer and with great quality of life. Next, check out 07 dog care you need to have so that your friend enjoys a long and prosperous life by your side!

Organize a routine with games and walks

By organizing the pet’s routine with physical exercises, you contribute to strengthening musculature and relieving stress , boredom and anxiety. Large or restless dogs need more intense activity, while small or quiet ones require lighter exercise. In any case, daily walks are essential for physical and mental health.

They are a great way to distract dogs and offer a more enjoyable and sociable life. Contact with external environments contributes to the learning of animals. After all, these are the moments when he can use innate abilities and explore his senses, feeling different smells, hearing distant sounds and having contact with grass and earth, for example.

So that he makes the most of the experience, try to leave the house at milder times, without too much sun or cold. Also observe your dog’s disposition: when you notice that he is panting, drooling or refusing to walk, stop for a rest or go home.

Do not walk without a leash

When walking in parks, it is common to find several dogs playing without a leash, but this is a dangerous practice and should not be followed. When walking free, the dog is exposed to fights with other animals, escapes and risks of disappearance or accidents, especially if he is near busy streets and with many cars.

The best way to avoid the dangers of the external environment is to always walk around with a collar and, preferably, with an identification pendant that presents your name and telephone number. That way, if something unexpected happens, you’ll have more chances to find your friend again.

Let the dog rest Just like physical activity, rest is also essential to keep the dog healthy. A dog’s sleep impacts all daytime activities and is the best way to relax and replenish energy. It is also at this time that the
immune system reaches its greatest performance to protect the organism. With that in mind, offer a quiet and peaceful environment so that your pet can rest and have some time just for him, without bothering him.

Keep the house clean

Daily cleaning of the house prevents the ingestion of toxins and harmful substances, which can cause allergies and serious illnesses, such as poisoning. It’s also important to clean up the waste quickly to avoid the proliferation of flies and bacteria in the area.

Avoid smoking around the dog

Even if inhaling indirectly, pets cannot eliminate the toxins that reach their lungs through cigarette smoke. In addition to affecting the respiratory system, cigarettes can still cause serious skin infections and allergies, which usually cause excessive hair loss, itching and wounds throughout the body.

If quitting smoking is not an option, the ideal is to avoid smoking in areas where the pet has access, even if it is outdoors.

Invest in a balanced and healthy diet

Healthy food for dogs is essential to maintain the functioning of the body and the health of bones, hair and skin. For this, it is recommended to establish a defined meal routine. That way, you ensure that your pet is always fed and without exaggeration.

Overeating can lead to obesity. In addition to reducing life expectancy, it can cause various diseases and make locomotion difficult. To avoid the risk of becoming overweight, choose the right food for your dog’s age, size and physical condition. If in doubt, consult an expert.

Also, remember to offer quality and complete food, with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for a life full of energy and disposition.

Take care of oral health

A good mouth cleaning prevents several health problems, such as bacterial plates, tartar and gingivitis. Although they seem common, these setbacks can evolve into more serious cases, such as periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that can affect the organs if the bacteria enters the bloodstream.

Dry food is a great ally for oral hygiene, as chewing helps reduce the amount of tartar on the teeth. However, this is not enough to completely remove the calcification. To keep your mouth always clean, brush your dog’s teeth at least once a day, with toothpaste made for dogs. If he’s not used to cleaning, start slowly, in quieter times.
The sooner you create the habit, the easier it will be for him to adapt.

When noticing that your pet has recurrent breath, yellow teeth or any anomaly in the mouth area, consult a trusted veterinarian.

Visit the veterinary hospital regularly

Trips to the veterinary hospital are also essential to ensure that your pet lives longer. By carrying out regular visits, you increase the chances of detecting complications at an early stage and, consequently, of treating them as soon as possible. In addition, consultations are great opportunities to clarify everyday doubts.

For puppies and senior dogs, it is recommended to make between two and four visits a year, as in these stages the dog needs special care. For adult dogs, one or two visits a year is enough. In any case, when noticing any atypical behavior or symptoms of the main dog diseases , consult a trusted veterinarian as soon as possible.



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