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Dog Breeding: How to Accustom Two Dogs Together

It is normal for many tutors to decide to have two dogs or more, so that they have company all day long and are never left alone. However, some dogs may take longer to adapt to the arrival of a new pet at home, especially older ones, who tend to back off when a puppy or more agitated dog tries to socialize with them.

If you already have a dog and are thinking about getting another one to raise, check out the following article and find out the best way to raise dogs together in the same house!

Plan the move before making any decisions

The arrival of another dog requires a lot of effort, expense and care. Therefore, it is not a decision that can be taken on impulse. In addition to financial and time organization, it is necessary to prepare the existing house and pet for the move.

To facilitate everyone’s adaptation, it is ideal to look for more sociable dog breeds that are already used to living with other animals. Pug, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Labrador and Beagles are great examples of pets that get along with both humans and other animals.

Other than that, it is essential to think about the sex of the dog. If you are thinking of having a pet of the opposite sex to the one you already have, it is important that they have already been neutered , to avoid unwanted reproductions.

Also evaluate the space you will have to house two animals. Dogs need space to play, interact and rest. Before you decide to get another dog, make sure that everyone in the household will be able to live comfortably and safely.

Prepare the house for the arrival of the new dog

If, after thinking carefully about the matter, you have decided to have another dog, the time has come to prepare the house to receive it. Many animals do not like to share their belongings, even more so those who are not used to each other. Therefore, ensure that each one has its own bowl of food, drinker, bed, blankets, toys for dogs, etc. Thus, you avoid fights and disputes over territory.

Before the arrival of the new dog, it is also interesting to have synthetic pheromone diffusers. They mimic maternal odor and help reduce stress and make the environment more familiar for pets, making coexistence easier.

Also remember to purchase sanitary mats (so that the newcomer knows where the needs should be done in the new house), transport box, barrier gates, adequate food for the age and size of the new dog and personal objects, such as collar and clothes.

Introduce dogs the right way

When the time for the meeting comes, follow some dog precautions that can facilitate the adaptation process. The ideal is to increase the contact each day:

  • 1st day: introduce the dogs from afar, so that they can see each other without physical contact;
  • 2nd day: promote a physical encounter, but with a barrier to protect them in case of attack. It could be a gate or a transport box, for example;
  • 3rd day: put the older dog on a leash and let the newcomer get closer to him to smell it;
  • 4th day: let the dogs interact without barriers, but always with supervision.
    By following these steps, you will ensure that each dog gradually gets used to the other, without generating stress.

Learn more socializing tips

In addition to the above tips, you need to teach them that raising the dogs together will make their days more fun. To do this, invest in toys for dogs and try to organize the pets’ routine with several moments to play and walk with the two, especially at the beginning of the adaptation.

Avoid leaving the older dog alone to give attention to the new family member. By playing with the two together, they will realize that from that moment on, the two will always have company and that one will not replace the other.

However, when noticing suspicious and aggressive behavior, look for a professional who specializes in dog training. Thus, you avoid fights and guarantee the coexistence of two behaved dogs. The sooner the setback is resolved, the better for everyone.



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