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Best Dog Breeds for Seniors: What Are They? How to choose?

The company of a dog is perfect for people of any age, especially the elderly who have worked a lot and now have more time to rest and have their leisure time.

It is scientifically proven that pets bring many benefits to the physical, emotional and mental health of the elderly. Just as there are the best dog breeds for children, there are also the best dog breeds for seniors, see below what they are.

How to choose the best dog breed for elderly people?

It is very important to assess the lifestyle of the elderly to choose the best breed of dog to keep them company. However, most of those involved agree that small pets are the best.

Overall, they are more companionable, friendly and docile. In addition, they like to go for light walks and do not mind spending more time indoors.

There are a variety of puppies with these specifications that can be great friends with people in their best age. Check out the top 5!

1 – Beagle

The same breed as Snoopy is successful among the elderly, as he is cute, faithful, sociable and likes to keep people company.

As he likes to play, this little dog is ideal for elderly people who exercise and like to walk in the streets and parks, in addition to playing. With this pet, days will be more fun and active.

2 – Chihuahua

One of the smallest and most personality-filled puppies out there. The great advantage of this breed is that it has a lifestyle that is adjustable to that of the family, even physical activities do not need to be intense.

The Chihuahua does not require special care, in addition to being very affectionate, they are true faithful friends and great companions.

3 – Shih Tzu

Since ancient times, the Shih Tzu were known for the qualities of being good companions to wise monks. Its sweetness and affection is a positive point, especially when it comes to company with older people.

If the elderly live in an apartment, this is the right breed, as it adapts perfectly to small environments, likes Keeping calm in a stressful environment, as well as interacting well with others

The Shih Tzu does not need to go out for walks, light activities indoors are enough for him to stay in shape. In addition, he really likes to be held, ideal for seniors who like this affection.

4 – Yorkshire

Small, fluffy and adapts easily to small spaces, so it is perfect for seniors who enjoy walking with their dog and also live in small spaces.

This breed is very docile and has patience, she doesn’t usually bark and get angry.

5 – Maltese

He is called a “lap dog”, he is small and one of the best companions, as he is inseparable from his owner. He doesn’t like to be alone under any circumstances.

The advantage of this breed is that it adapts to its owner’s lifestyle, it is kind, sociable and affectionate. Despite its size, it is a very attentive little dog with noises.

How to define the best companion dog for seniors?

The first step is to assess the lifestyle of the elderly person, whether he is calmer and likes to stay at home or prefers to go out, do physical activity and have other occupations.

If the elderly person is the quieter type and prefers to stay at home, just going out for a walk, the best dogs are those that easily adapt to their owner’s routine, as is the example of the Maltese, Chihuahua, Pug and Shin Tzu .

Now, if the person prefers to practice physical activity every day, walk around the neighborhood a lot and likes to go out, then the choice should focus on a more energetic puppy like the Beagle.

Another fundamental point that needs to be evaluated is whether the elderly person lives in an apartment, if the answer is yes, then the Yorkshire, Maltese, Boston Terrier and Shin Tzu are excellent choices.

However, if you live in a house, you can include the Schnauzer and Cocker breed dogs in the list , they are small in size, but need more physical activity.

Whatever the choice, the elderly have a lot to gain from a puppy, especially love, company and affection that can change their way of looking at life.



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