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Best Dog Breeds for Kids: What Are They? How to choose?

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. And, when they grow up next to a child, this friendship is strengthened even more. But when choosing a dog when you have a child at home, care is redoubled.

There are the best dog breeds for kids. These breeds accept little ones and are very fond of playing. When it comes time to choose your new housemate, keep these tips in mind!

Best dog breeds for kids

Children have a lot of energy to burn, so it’s pretty cool if the little animal is able to accompany the little one in his antics.

Before proceeding with the list, know that it is necessary to cross all the information to find the ideal dog. If you live in an apartment or house, if you have enough space or if you still have quality time every day with the animal. Some need more space than others, as well as attention.

Generally, the best breeds for children are:

  • English bulldog;
  • Beagle;
  • Bull terrier;
  • Collie;
  • Poodle;
  • Labrador retriever ;
  • Golden retriever;
  • Pug ;
  • Shih tzu;
  • Vizla;
  • Mutt or SRD (No defined breed).

How to choose a dog for a child

You will know the ideal dog breed for a child when you know exactly what you need. Take into account some important points, such as your child’s age. Generally, around 4 or 5 years old, the child is already able to even help with the care of the new friend, such as feeding him.

The space you have also influences the breed. In small houses or apartments, where the puppy will spend more time indoors, calmer and smaller breeds are ideal. If your house is large with a small backyard, you can bet on the medium or large size. Or, if the backyard is very large and with plenty of space, adopt a large animal without fear!

The size of the dog does not influence contact with the child, because what really needs to be taken into account is the personality and behavior of the breed.

Ideal breed for apartment with children

The reduced space calls for small dogs, which are calm but at the same time playful with children.

Pug is one of the most recommended for this scenario. It is a small breed, likes children, company and playing. However, due to his breathing problems, he doesn’t have much energy. Which is good for those who live in an apartment and don’t have that much space.

The English bulldog, despite being a more corpulent dog, is also good for those who live in reduced spaces. Precisely because of the shape of his body, he cannot run and play for so long. For this reason the apartment will not be a hindrance for him. On the other hand, he loves company and especially children!

A small breed that is also a good companion for children is the Chihuahua. Small and super affectionate animal with its owners!

Large dog for children

Some large breeds cause fright and surprise due to their size. However, most are loving and love children! Not to mention that they love to run and play in the backyard. For this reason, large dogs are recommended to live in environments that have a little space to run. Taking them for a walk is also essential.

Among the large breeds that love children, the Labrador Retriever stands out. This is an extremely playful breed that loves a mess. A good example of his behavior can be seen in the movie or book “Marley and Me”. Labradors are very sociable, intelligent, reliable and very mischievous! If you have plenty of room and a child with a lot of energy, bet on the Labrador.

The collie is also a well-known breed in the movies through Lassie. This dog is also sociable, but it is well-mannered and obedient. It’s easy to train a collie dog, making it an excellent companion for children! In addition to playing and being friends, it will be a guard dog for the little one.

Is it recommended a mutt for a child?

Stray dogs are a box of surprises. No one knows for sure the mix of breeds for that specific animal to be born. Therefore, it is practically impossible to know what his personality is like or even how big he will be!

However, they are extremely loving, especially when they grow up with their little companions. If you choose to adopt an abandoned animal, of no defined breed, prefer puppies, because when they grow up with the children they become great friends.



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