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All about dog’s health guide

Taking care of a dog requires a lot of attention, from birth to old age. Therefore, it is essential that tutors are always aware of the animal’s health, so that it enjoys a long, comfortable and healthy life.

Thinking about it, we highlight five dog health care that are indispensable in everyday life and at all stages of life. Check out:


Dog vaccines are one of the main health care you need to be concerned about. In addition to some being mandatory, such as the anti-rabies vaccine, they are essential to prevent infections and ensure the well-being of the animal and all the people with whom it has contact. After all, several diseases, such as leptospirosis and canine rabies, can be transmitted to humans.

Currently, the animal vaccination card is also an essential item for tutors who plan to stay in hotels or board planes with their dogs.

Below, you can see a list of the main vaccines for dogs and the recommended period for applying each one:

  • Polyvalent vaccine (V8 or V10): from 6 weeks;
  • Canine flu vaccine: from 8 weeks;
  • Giardiasis vaccine: from 8 weeks;
  • Anti-rabies vaccine: from 12 weeks.

If you have a rescued dog with no history of vaccinations, take it to a veterinary hospital and consult a professional to find out which procedure should be performed.


Another essential care for animal health is castration. In addition to preventing unwanted reproduction, the operation contributes to the well-being and life expectancy of the dog, preventing serious diseases such as breast or prostate cancer.

Castration of the dog also facilitates coexistence, as it ceases – or decreases – the habit of marking territory and aggressiveness. In the case of females, the surgery also avoids a psychological pregnancy.

To find out the best period for neutering the dog, talk to a trusted veterinarian and perform the necessary tests to find out if your dog is in good health and if it has any restrictions for the surgery.


As we always point out, food is one of the main care we need to have with the dog. With a balanced and complete diet, you guarantee the necessary amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins for dogs to maintain the proper functioning of the body..


Hygiene is also fundamental to canine health. Let’s start with the bath: with frequent cleaning, we prevent the accumulation of subjects that can cause infections. In addition, this moment is essential so that you can examine the dog’s body and make sure that there are no fleas, ticks or wounds .

Hair brushing is also essential. With it, you avoid the creation of knots, tangles, accumulation of subject and parasite infestation. As for oral hygiene, attention must be paid to tartar, oral diseases and bacteria. For this, ensure a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste.

When we talk about hygiene, we also need to think about feeders, drinkers and other items used by the dog. Therefore, remember to clean the containers of

food and water daily after use. Always wash with neutral detergent and rinse with plenty of water to ensure that there are no traces of chemical products.

Physical activities

Lastly, we have practice exercises. By creating an activity routine, you avoid various health complications, both physical and psychological. The main benefits are:

  • Reduction of stress , boredom and anxiety;
  • Prevention of obesity, diabetes and other diseases;
  • Relief of pain in bones, muscles and joints.

By incorporating these health tips into your dog grooming routine, you can ensure that your dog lives a healthy and contented life with you, as well as increasing its life expectancy.



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