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Apartment dog: 5 breeds that easily adapt to the environment

Many tutors are in doubt as to which dogs adapt better to apartments, after all, the space for the pet is more restricted, which may cause discomfort for some breeds, especially the large ones. Therefore, before opting for the dog of your choice, it is necessary to think about the quality of life that he will have in the place.

Dogs with less energy to burn tend to adapt more easily to smaller environments without compromising their physical and mental well-being. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of five small apartment dog breeds. Check out!


The poodle is one of the most common dog breeds in Pak and an excellent choice for those who live in an apartment, either alone or with more people in the home.

He is popularly known for being intelligent, faithful, docile and obedient, getting along well with other dogs, cats and unknown people. He also likes to expend energy during the day. Therefore, it is important to organize a routine of walks and exercises, to prevent the pet from getting bored or stressed .

It is worth mentioning that the breed presents a great diversity of sizes. If you choose a Poodle to live in an apartment, give preference to a small or miniature one.

German Spitz

The German Spitz, better known as the Pomeranian, is one of the smallest dogs of the Spitz breed and a great companion for adults and elderly people who live in apartments.

Because he was created to be a pet, he is usually docile and very attached to his tutors. However, he has difficulty dealing with loneliness and, therefore, may suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods.

The main health tips to ensure their well-being are: daily exercise and dog training, so that possessiveness is treated correctly and anxiety is reduced.


The Dachshund, famous sausage dog, is a breed that adapts well to apartments, as long as you don’t need to go up or down stairs frequently, as movements can cause damage to the pet’s back and neck.

The Dachshund is a kind, lively and playful dog that gets along well with both children and the elderly. However, like the German Spitz, he can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Over the years, he may experience spinal problems due to his body structure. Therefore, it is important to invest in walks and physical exercises, to ensure that the pet’s physical health is always up to date.

Maltese Bichon

The Bichon Maltese is a breed of apartment dog that is very pleasant and affectionate with its tutors and tutors, adapting easily to their routines. It is highly recommended for those who live in small places and for emotional support.

Despite being a busy pet, he has a tendency to obesity due to his slow metabolism. Therefore, when living with a Maltese, it is essential to create a physical activity routine and ensure a balanced and healthy diet , without exaggerating the amount of food.


Much sought after by families, the Pug breed is also an excellent option for those looking for a dog to raise in an apartment. The breed has Chinese origins and was bred to keep company with nobility and Buddhist monks.

He is well known for being docile, sociable, playful and attached to people. In addition, it does not need a lot of space to live well and is usually calm, great for those who live in small apartments and to maintain good relations with the neighborhood.

However, it is worth noting that, as a Pug breed, this is a brachycephalic dog. That is, he has a pathological condition that combines a number of problems in the upper airways. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to some special points, especially with regard to maintaining body temperature and eating. Click here and check out our article on brachycephalic dog care.



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