My head is still reeling from laying my eyes on Brian LeBlanc‘s fantastic cover painting for WORLDS BEYOND WORLDS.

This eerie image captures a scene from one of the book’s eleven stories, but I’ll wait and let the readers figure out which one it is.

WBW is set for an April release, but right now is a perfect time to show off Brian’s superb work and announce the contents of the collection.



These are the stories appearing in the book:

“Chivaine” from WEIRDBOOK #31 (2015)
“Yael of the Strings” from SHATTERED SHIELDS (2014)
“Ten Thousand Drops of Holy Blood” from SKELOS #3 (2017)
“Strange Days in Old Yandrissa” from WEIRDBOOK Annual (2017)
“The Gnomes of Carrick County” from SPACE & TIME #116 (2010)
“The Thirteen Texts of Arthyria” from WAY OF THE WIZARD (2010)
“Daughter of the Elk Goddess” from HYPERBOREA (2014)
“The Penitence of the Blade” from THE AUDIENT VOID #2 (2016)
“Where the White Lotus Grows” from MONK PUNK (2011)
“Oorg” from AUDIENT VOID #5 (2018)
“Tears of the Elohim” from FORBIDDEN FUTURES #3 (2018)

Special thanks to Dave Ritzlin and DMR Books for making all of this possible.