My head is still reeling from laying my eyes on Brian LeBlanc‘s fantastic cover painting for WORLDS BEYOND WORLDS.

This eerie image captures a scene from one of the book’s eleven stories, but I’ll wait and let the readers figure out which one it is.

WBW is set for an April 5 release, but right now is a perfect time to show off Brian’s superb work and announce the contents of the collection.



These are the stories appearing in the book:

“Chivaine” from WEIRDBOOK #31 (2015)
“Yael of the Strings” from SHATTERED SHIELDS (2014)
“Ten Thousand Drops of Holy Blood” from SKELOS #3 (2017)
“Strange Days in Old Yandrissa” from WEIRDBOOK Annual (2017)
“The Gnomes of Carrick County” from SPACE & TIME #116 (2010)
“The Thirteen Texts of Arthyria” from WAY OF THE WIZARD (2010)
“Daughter of the Elk Goddess” from HYPERBOREA (2014)
“The Penitence of the Blade” from THE AUDIENT VOID #2 (2016)
“Where the White Lotus Grows” from MONK PUNK (2011)
“Oorg” from AUDIENT VOID #5 (2018)
“Tears of the Elohim” from FORBIDDEN FUTURES #3 (2018)

Special thanks to Dave Ritzlin and DMR Books for making all of this possible.