Art by Frank Frazetta

Big Announcement!

This April DMR Books will release WORLDS BEYOND WORLDS, a new story collection from Yours Truly.

In the ten years spanning 2010 to 2020, I wrote thirty tales that appeared in various magazines, anthologies, and digital venues. That’s an average of three published stories per year–not too bad considering that I also wrote six novels during the same decade.

WORLDS BEYOND WORLDS collects 11 of those thirty tales, most of which take place in various imaginary worlds (or universes). The book spans a variety of weird fiction sub-genres including dark fantasy, heroic fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, and even a bit of historical fantasy. A mixed bagful of magical trips and fantastic adventures.

I’m thrilled to be working with such an exciting new indie publisher on this project. DMR produces gorgeous books celebrating both new and classic fantasy voices with a strong focus on sword-and-sorcery. Recent releases such as THE EYE OF SOUNNU and RENEGADE SWORDS made me an instant fan. As soon as I heard that DMR has a Tanith Lee sword-and-sorcery collection in the works, I knew this was the publisher I wanted for WORLDS BEYOND WORLDS. Also, DMR mastermind Dave Ritzlin is — like me — a huge Clark Ashton Smith fan, so this collaboration is a natural fit.

WORLDS is my first story collection since 2013’s THE REVELATIONS OF ZANG (now out of print, but hopefully not forever). The stories in the ZANG collection were all part of an extended story-cycle that builds to an epic climax, but every single story in WORLDS stands on its own. I’ll post more news about it–including contents, pub date, and cover reveal–right here as the info becomes available.