Art by Frank Frazetta

UPDATE 11/3/2020: Listen now!

Sometime next week—shortly after All Hallow’s Eve—DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY will post a brand-new roundtable podcast featuring myself, Scott Oden, and Jason M. Waltz.

Our topic was “Sword-and-Sorcery: Fossil or Fuel?”

We talked at length about the roots, the current state, and the possible future of the genre that was born from the mind of Robert E. Howard, codified by the great Fritz Lieber, and brought to new heights by Marvel’s CONAN comics in the 70s. And of course, I had to bring up Michael Moorcock’s ELRIC, as I always do when discussing sword-and-sorcery.

It was a fun and enlightening discussion covering the scope of heroic fantasy’s appeal and the wide array of S&S sub-genres that exist in today’s fantasy market. Special thanks to moderator G.W. Thomas for inviting me.

Grab your trusty broadsword, tune in, and join the fun at: