Cover Rough for WEIRDBOOK #43 — Coming Soon!

UPDATE 8/30/2020:
WEIRDBOOK #43 is now available. 

As I announced on this blog a few months ago, I’m not writing any more new short stories. Instead I’m focusing on novels. However, I still have FIVE really good new stories coming up in WEIRDBOOK.

The first four comprise the remainder of the Magtone Saga, which began in WB about two years ago, before the mag slowed down its production. Yet the weird must flow…

WEIRDBOOK #43 is in the proofing stages as of late May and will be the next issue released. It contains the 3rd Magtone tale: “Impervious To Wisdom, Oblivious To Fate.” The entire saga is six stories long, and each story can be read as a stand-alone tale. However, they also work together to form a larger narrative.

The first two Magtone stories appeared in WB #37 and #39. These next four are set to run consecutively in issues #43 – #46. The final three stories are: “The Dust of Sages and Fools” (#44),“Love and Sorcery” (#45), and “Eye of Wisdom, Eye of Pain” (#46)

Recently, editor Doug Draa posted a preview of the cover and contents for the soon-to-drop WEIRDBOOK #43:

WB #37 features the first Magtone tale: “The Veneration of Evil in the Kingdom of Ancient Lies”

“An American Story” – Darrell Schweitzer
“Impervious to Reason, Oblivious to Fate” – John R. Fultz
“The River” – Sharon Cullars
“Taking Out the Trash” – D.C. Lozar
“Arthur Wardrobe and Asia Anastacia: A Love Story”
– Andrew Darlington
“Snack Time” – Franklyn Searight
“Godlike” – Edward Morris and Konstantine Paradias
“Ron Kon Koma” – Glynn Owen Barrass
“Dragon’s Gold” – Ngo Binh
“The Fury of Angels” – Adrian Cole
“Keisha’s Dinosaur” – Nicole Kurtz Smith
“Will Home Remember Me?” – Joe S. Pulver
“You’re Gonna Love This Song” – Michael S. Walker
“Frozen Time” – Rivka Jacobs
“A Sum Total” – Maxwell Ian Gold
“Lucien Greyshire and the Ghost from Applebee’s” – L.F. Falconer

“Dark Rift” – Ann K. Schwader
“Doom of the Season” – Gregg Chamberlain
“The Pumpkin Boy on Samhain” – Chad Hensley
“Gol-Goroth Fane” – Frederick J. Mayer
“Danse Macabre” – Jeff Barnes
“Kings Pyre” – W.D. Clifton
“Empress of Vampires” – K.A. Opperman
“Night Hag” – Neva Bryan
“What is the Season?” – Ashley Dioses

No release date yet for #43, but it’s coming soon.

WB #39 features the second Magtone story: “Clouds Like Memories, Words Like Stones”

Get Yer Weird On…

As for my LAST story–the 5th in line for publishing at WEIRDBOOK–it has nothing to do with Magtone at all. It’s called “Dimensions of Scale,” and it follows the exploits of a very unusual dragonslayer. This story twists the whole “dragon” myth into something that I hope is new and unique. (But you never really know…) It’s set to run in WEIRDBOOK #47, and it will be my final published short story for the foreseeable future.

My latest novel-in-progress, IMMACULATE SCOUNDRELS, is moving past the halfway point as I prepare to enter my “summer writing season.” I’m pretty excited about it. The goal is to finish it by the end of August.