The fine folks at PS Publishing have released their latest hardcover anthology of all-new Lovecraftian Mythos fiction: MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS REVEALED, edited by Darrell Schweitzer. This volume features tales that follow up on HPL’s classic novella AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. For more information see my previous post about this book—it’s a must-read for any serious Lovecraft fan.

This is the third Lovecraftian anthology I’ve been involved with–first there was CTHULHU’S REIGN (2010) , then THAT IS NOT DEAD (2015), both edited by the indomitable Mr. Schweitzer. It’s always fun to play in Lovecraft’s creepy old sandbox full of monsters, madness, and mayhem. PS does gorgeous hardcover editions in limited print runs, so get your claws on this one before they’re all gone.