Ever since the great Tanith Lee passed away, I’ve been meaning to make time for going back and 1) reading some of her important works that I may have missed, and 2) re-reading some of my TL favorites. Now that summer is in full swing, my reading season is here at last.

In the past few years DAW has done a terrific job of releasing much of Tanith’s early back catalog, including the 1976 fantasy classic THE STORM LORD, and it’s two sequels. I’m reading that now and really loving it.

Looking at the great covers this book has been blessed with for over forty years, you can see from these images alone what a powerful story this is. A few years back I found and bought a huge paperback called WARS OF VIS that collected the first two books, but these days I’ve grown used to reading on my Kindle (for various reasons), so this gave me the chance to get all three VIS novels as e-books.

I’m glad to see that DAW has plans for even more Tanith Lee reprints, and they have already released new editions of the TALES FROM THE FLAT EARTH series–which many consider to be Tanith’s greatest masterpiece. However, THE STORM LORD was written directly before she started writing the first of the Flat Earth books, so it’s a look at her creative genius still in its formative stages. She was writing at a breakneck pace in the 70s, and that period is my favorite of her long and distinguished career.