It’s been out as an eBook since last December, but finally SON OF TALL EAGLE has arrived in a gorgeous paperback edition from Crossroad Press. Get your copy now–the Tall Eagle books can be read in any order.

In other Fultz news:

I plan to finish a third Tall Eagle book this summer in hopes of having it released before the end of the year. Meanwhile I’m working on a few short stories for various publications.

“Love in the Time of Dracula” appears in AUDIENT VOID #5. Coming soon…

THE AUDIENT VOID #5 will be out soon featuring TWO of my most eerie horror tales.

A second Magtone Tale is coming in WEIRDBOOK #39.

I’m also finishing up a new high fantasy tale for Cody Goodfellow’s lavishly illustrated FORBIDDEN FUTURES, which will debut at Crypticon Seattle (and will be available for online ordering).

My unpublished Weird Fantasy novel, A FEW ODD SOULS, is still in limbo, but not for much longer. If it doesn’t find a home in the next few weeks, I’m going to follow through with my plan to publish it right here on my blog–one chapter per week–each chapter with an original illustration by Yours Truly. I’m working primarily with pen-and-ink on these illustrations, and they will spotlight the huge array of strange beings and odd creatures that inhabit the novel, which takes place across hundreds of alternate realities.

Looking forward to cranking out more stories and at least one novel this year, and I’ve made plans to attend the World Fantasy Convention in Baltimore this November. Poe City! Very much looking forward to it.