I’ve started a new story-cycle starring Magtone the Poet-Thief, a lyrical lowlife who inherits a gift of ancient sorcery along with a sentient flying carpet. These stories are high fantasy meets sword-and-sorcery, with an ancient-world flavor and a heavy dose of magical weirdness. The saga of Magtone’s wanderings will run mainly in the pages of WEIRDBOOK, but he may show up in a few other publications as well.

The first Magtone story is “The Veneration of Evil in the Kingdom of Ancient Lies.” It appears in WEIRDBOOK #37 (slated for a November 2017 release). This innaugural tale introduces Magtone and the fantastic city-state of Karakutas, a metropolitan Babylon built by the power of ruthless wizard-kings. As the Doom of Karakutas approaches, Magtone strikes a deal with the only person that can save him from the coming apocalypse–the same wizard who is about to bring civilization crashing down.

Art by Rowena Morrill

The second Magtone story is “Clouds Like Memories, Words Like Stones.” It will also appear in an issue of WEIRDBOOK (sometime after #37). This tale follows the transfigured Magtone’s adventures in a primal world where he must keep the Legend of Karakutas alive while trying to find a place to call his own. I don’t want to say too much more about it for fear of giving away too many secrets.

More Magtone stories will follow as inspiration strikes.

Meanwhile, don’t miss WEIRDBOOK #37 featuring Magtone’s infamous origin.

Get Your Weird On.