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WEIRDBOOK #35 marks my third appearance in that esteemed magazine. This time around my contribution is a weird horror piece called “The Man Who Murders Happiness.”

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Every now and then I like to step outside the boundaries of fantasy and go for straight-up horror; this story is exactly such an excursion into the macabre. It was born out of the angst and anxiety of 2016, and hopefully it reaches into the deep core of human existence to explore the abiding darkness there. Or maybe it’s just a glimpse into a dark world that is a distorted parallel of our own.

Here is the complete Table of Contents:

The Pullulations of the Tribe by Adrian Cole
The Dead of Night by Christian Riley
Mother of My Children by Bruce L. Priddy
The Man Who Murders Happiness by John R. Fultz
A Handful of Dust by Tom English
Revolution à l’Orange by Paul Lubaczewski
Fiends of the Southern Plains by Patrick Tumblety
The Pyrrhic Crusade by Stanley B. Webb
The Migration of Memories by Charles Wilkinson
Maquettes by Paul St John Mackintosh
In the Shadows by J.S. Watts
The Spot by C.R. Langille
Schism in the Sky by Donald McCarthy
To Roam the Universe, Forgotten and Free by Janet Harriett
Rejuvenate by Lily Luchesi
Vigil Night by Lorenzo Crescentini
The Tale and the Teller by Darrell Schweitzer
Dead Clowns for Christmas by by L.J. Dopp

A Queen of Carpathia by Kyle Opperman
Queen of the Bats by Kyle Opperman
Taken from the Tcho Tcho People’s Holy Codex by Frederick J. Mayer
When Wolfsbane Blooms by Kyle Opperman
The Dinner Fly by James Matthew Byers
Strange Jests by Jessica Amanda Salmonson