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This just in! Feast your eyes, my friends:
Alex Raspad recently delivered his finished cover for SON OF TALL EAGLE. It is a thing of beauty.

I love how Alex evokes the colorful sky and alien rock formations of Ispiris. THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE chronicles how Tall Eagle’s people left their war-torn world and escaped to the Land Beyond the Sun. In SON OF TALL EAGLE the entire story takes place in this strange new world. It’s a realm of mysterious creatures, titanic forests, crystalline mountains, and chromatic skies.

Here we see Kai, Son of Tall Eagle, facing down a Sesthi Lord while Athri, Daughter of Thu, leaps in to join the fray. Athri is a half-human, half-Myktu warrior woman who grew up alongside Kai. She is fiercely loyal to the Son of Tall Eagle, even though his heart belongs to someone else.

The Sesthi (Horse People) are the main antagonists this time around. Kai believes peace with the hoofed horde is possible, but there are others among The People who long for the old days of endless war and red-handed glory.

Dark forces linger in the deep places of this world, ready to be set free by blood, hate, and ancient Sesthi magic.

SON OF TALL EAGLE is set for release in the first quarter of 2018 from Ragnarok Publications.