Art by Jeff Jones

Hey! If anybody’s still reading this blog–which I admit to not updating regularly–thanks for your ongoing interest. I tend to only blog when I have something to say, something to announce, or something to shout about. I have two newsworthy bits today:

WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION 2017 – I’ll be attending WFC for first time since 2011. This’ll be my fourth time attending the convention–this year it’s in San Antonio, Texas. Makes me wonder if there will be some special Robert E. Howard panels going on since Cross Plains is only about 220 miles north of Alamo City. When I first discovered WFC in 2009, I immediately dubbed it my “favorite convention.” The only trouble is that it “leaps” across the globe to a new location every single year–which is part of the reason I couldn’t attend the last five conventions. So it’s great to be heading back there–I hope to see many friends old and new–and WFC tends to fire up my creative engines.

Art by D’Achille

SON OF TALL EAGLE has been moved to an early 2018 release date by Ragnarok Publications. The good news is that artist extraordinaire Alex Raspad is returning to do another spectacular cover illustration.

Will there by a third TALL EAGLE book? I’d love to write it. But we’ll have to wait and see. Each of these books is a self-contained adventure; you don’t have to read them in order unless you’re a stickler for that kind of thing. (I usually am.)

Meanwhile, in short fiction news, my story “Ten Thousand Drops of Holy Blood” will be appearing in SKELOS #3-due out later this year. There was an unexpected delay between the first and second issues, but SKELOS #2 is going on sale in about a week or two.

I also have two stories scheduled for upcoming issues of WEIRDBOOK: A horror tale called “The Man Who Murders Happiness” in WB #35 (coming soon), and a rollicking fantasy called “The Veneration of Evil in the Kingdom of Ancient Lies” scheduled for WB #37 (this fall).

Meanwhile, it’s time to ask: What am I going to write this summer? It will either be a completely new novel, or a summer “off.” I really don’t know at this point. Uncertainty isn’t a bad thing: It’s the gateway to freedom.