14364708_1356773477667986_3783836956982702527_nTHE AUDIENT VOID #2 is now available. Among the various dark treasures inside you’ll find “The Penitence of the Blade.”

Set in the World of Zang, it is the story of Torador, a warrior who wants to lay down his sword—to forget the terrible things he’s seen and done. Retirement brings him to the decadent metropolis known as Emeran Thah, the City of Sultans, where addiction is a way of life and dreaming is a full-time job. The dark secret he discovers there will bring him face to face with infinity.

shattered-shields“Yael of the Strings” from the SHATTERED SHIELDS anthology explores in greater depth the society of Sharoc, where Torador fought his wars in the name of the Griffon Queen. These two stories are a subset of the Zang Tales, the “Sharoc Tales” if you will. I have an idea for a novel set in Sharoc. That idea may or may not grow into an actual book, but it will almost certainly inspire more Tales of Zang. They seem to rise from my subconscious every few years like ocean pearls. Zang is a great place for return visits, especially when you’re looking for magic.