Art by Alex Raspad

I know–I haven’t posted anything here in quite awhile. Why? Haven’t had much to say.

So what’ve I been up to?

A period of soul-searching and contemplation. Another year of full-time teaching—this makes 10! Now summer approaches with its blessed late mornings and the siren call of a writing project humming in my brain.

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to write next. Or if I wanted to write anything at all.

THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE has been out a whole year now. During that time its publisher Ragnarok signed a big distribution deal with IPG. What does that mean? It means Ragnarok books now get major-league distribution in bookstores across the world. Ragnarok stepped up its game.

TE-CoverWithLogoI had a dream when I wrote the first TALL EAGLE book–a vision of a series that could be read in any order. Together each novel would form part of a bigger picture, but each one would also be a stand-alone saga. TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE ends with the People living in the Land Beyond the Sun—the land of the Myktu, the Sesthi, and the Opyds. So there is literally a whole new world to explore and discover in a second book.

This is how SON OF TALL EAGLE was born. I’ve pondered the possibility of writing it for several years. Now it’s official: This summer I’m writing a second book in the TALL EAGLE series–pursuing that dream of a series of standalone novels. A sequel, yes, but also far more than that. A fresh perspective and a broadening of vision.

Art by Enrich Torres

Art by Enrich Torres

It took awhile to make up my mind; a while for the stars to align; an even longer while for me to figure out the right path. I always thought I could do way more than four books in the TALL EAGLE series. And maybe I will.

The trick is to do them one at a time.

Take your time, do it right.

So TALL EAGLE is now officially more than just a novel, at least in my mind. It’s a series. The first one I’ve done since the Books of the Shaper. Here’s a new chance to do a series the way I’ve always wanted to do it—thanks to the support of Tim Marquitz and Team Ragnarok.

Now is the time for SON OF TALL EAGLE.