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Upcoming Tales…

bf9edf12606bea940f7fb335240f9cde_originalThe 3rd issue of SKELOS is set for release sometime later this year.  My sword-and-sorcery tale “Ten Thousand Drops of Holy Blood” will appear in the issue, along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff. SKELOS #1 is available now.

WB33WEIRDBOOK #33 will also feature a story of mine–a slice of Weird Noir called “The River Flows to Nowhere.” This one slides more toward the horror side of the dark fantasy spectrum, but the neo-contemporary setting did not limit the potential for deep weirdness. WB #33 is slated for an October 2016 release (#31 and #32 are both available now).

13239199_1255059254506076_4924653734446977298_nAlso coming this fall, THE AUDIENT VOID #2 will feature my “long-lost” Zang tale “The Penitence of the Blade.” Set in the universe of THE REVELATIONS OF ZANG, this tale was accepted at three different markets over the years—all of which went bust before they could publish it. So it’s great to finally find a home for “Blade,” and one that supports a great new dark fiction mag. “Blade” is loosely connected to “Yael of the Strings” from the SHATTERED SHIELDS anthology, as it stars a Knight of Sharoc who has forsaken the ways of war. Yet it’s not so easy to leave one’s past behind, especially in the corrupt streets of Emeran Thah, City of the Dragon’s Breath. Look for it in September/October.


To Write Or Not To Write…

Art by Alex Raspad

I know–I haven’t posted anything here in quite awhile. Why? Haven’t had much to say.

So what’ve I been up to?

A period of soul-searching and contemplation. Another year of full-time teaching—this makes 10! Now summer approaches with its blessed late mornings and the siren call of a writing project humming in my brain.

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to write next. Or if I wanted to write anything at all.

THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE has been out a whole year now. During that time its publisher Ragnarok signed a big distribution deal with IPG. What does that mean? It means Ragnarok books now get major-league distribution in bookstores across the world. Ragnarok stepped up its game.

TE-CoverWithLogoI had a dream when I wrote the first TALL EAGLE book–a vision of a series that could be read in any order. Together each novel would form part of a bigger picture, but each one would also be a stand-alone saga. TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE ends with the People living in the Land Beyond the Sun—the land of the Myktu, the Sesthi, and the Opyds. So there is literally a whole new world to explore and discover in a second book.

This is how SON OF TALL EAGLE was born. I’ve pondered the possibility of writing it for several years. Now it’s official: This summer I’m writing a second book in the TALL EAGLE series–pursuing that dream of a series of standalone novels. A sequel, yes, but also far more than that. A fresh perspective and a broadening of vision.

Art by Enrich Torres

Art by Enrich Torres

It took awhile to make up my mind; a while for the stars to align; an even longer while for me to figure out the right path. I always thought I could do way more than four books in the TALL EAGLE series. And maybe I will.

The trick is to do them one at a time.

Take your time, do it right.

So TALL EAGLE is now officially more than just a novel, at least in my mind. It’s a series. The first one I’ve done since the Books of the Shaper. Here’s a new chance to do a series the way I’ve always wanted to do it—thanks to the support of Tim Marquitz and Team Ragnarok.

Now is the time for SON OF TALL EAGLE.