DTW3“The Rude Mechanicals and the Highwayman” is the third Urbille story. Springing from the pages of FUNGI magazine like wicked mushrooms, all three stories have now been audio-adapted by Far Fetched Fables.

Here are the links:

“The Key To Your Heart Is Made Of Brass” – Urbille 1

“Flesh of the City, Bones of the World” – Urbille 2

“The Rude Mechanicals and the Highwayman” – Urbille 3

I have finished the Urbille novel A FEW ODD SOULS. It is currently drifting through the mysterious realms of submission and aquisition, finding its weird way into our world like some alien visitor poking and pawing at the membrane that separate our universe from the next one. Since the book’s journey through the maze of publishing potentiality is far from finished, it will reach the public when the stars are right, the cosmos is in balance, and the proper contracts have been signed. One cannot rush the advent of a storm, the turning of history, or the publication of a book. All of these things move at their own inevitable speed.

These three Urbille stories are only the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. A FEW ODD SOULS is an epic Weird Fantasy that spans hundreds of alternate realities, yet the core of the odyssey was born in these three short stories. It’s great to have all three of them adapted by the talented team at Far Fetched Fables, who always do spectacular work.