UrbilleYe Gods, they’ve done it again!

The fine folks at the FAR-FETCHED FABLES podcast have audio-adapted another of my stories: “Flesh of the City, Bones of the World”.

“Flesh” is the second story set in the weird universe of The Urbille. The first was “The Key To Your Heart Is Made Of Brass,” which appeared in Laird Barron’s YEAR’S BEST WEIRD FICTION Vol 1.

FFF adapted “Key” a few short months ago. These stories are stand-alone tales, so it’s not necessary to read one to understand the other. However, you can hear both of them at FFF:

“The Key To Your Heart Is Made Of Brass” – Urbille 1

“Flesh of the City, Bones of the World” – Urbille 2

Both stories were originally published in FUNGI magazine. There is a third Urbille story, “The Rude Mechanicals and the Highwayman,” appearing in the newest issue of FUNGI (#22).  Eventually I’m hoping FFF will audio-adapt “Rude Mechanicals” as well.

I’m also in the process of finishing an Urbille novel—a Big Weird Fantasy that mashes genres together and spans hundreds of alternate dimensions. I don’t have an official title for it yet, but I should be done with the revisions and ready to send it to my agent by September. (Fingers firmly crossed.)

The Urbille novel features some of the characters from these stories, but it will also be entirely stand-alone. You won’t have to read any of the Urbille stories to pick up and enjoy the novel. But don’t let that stop you…