THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE will be published in June by Ragnarok Publications.

THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE will be published June 8 by Ragnarok Publications.

Ragnarok has announced June 8 as the release date for THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE.

The countdown begins…

A preview of Chapter 1: “On the Spirit Trail,” will soon be available for free reading at

Early in June a second preview of the novel–an excerpt from Chapter 4: “On the Blood Trail” — will appear at (also free)

YBWeirdFictionOn June 9 I’ll be guesting on the Far-Fetched Fables Podcast, which is presenting a special audio adaptation of my story “The Key To Your Heart Is Made Of Brass” (from YEAR’S BEST WEIRD FICTION, Vol. 1).

I’m also planning an appearance on the Grim Tidings Podcast to discuss “grimdark” fantasy, TALL EAGLE, and The Books of the Shaper. I’ll post the airdate here as soon as its confirmed.

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