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Feast your eyes, my friends…

It’s the final cover design for THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE, featuring the fantastic painted artwork of Alex Raspad and logo design by the talented Shawn King. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

Ragnarok Publications will release the novel in both print and electronic formats in late June.

Here’s my official spoiler-free overview of the novel, which I’ve described as a Tribal Fantasy:

A young warrior’s vision-quest unveils an alien city full of magic and mystery. As a tribal rift threatens to destroy Tall Eagle’s people, night-crawling devils stalk and devour them, so he seeks the wisdom of the high-flying Myktu. These fantastic beings offer him hope, a chance for rebirth and prosperity, as two separate realities converge. Yet first Tall Eagle must find White Fawn–the girl he was born to love–and steal her back from the camp of his savage enemies. His best friend has become his deadliest rival, and now he must outwit an invading army of conquerors to lead his people into the Land Beyond the Sun. 

THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE is the epic saga of The People, as told in the words of their greatest hero.

Here’s a previous post where I talked about some of the major inspirations for the novel.

Finally, a look at Raspad’s cover art free of text and logo. Love that sky!

A look at Alex Raspad's stunning cover painting sans text and logo

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