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Cosmic-ConsciousnessScientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death

“In fact, consciousness exists outside of constraints of time and space. It is able to be anywhere: in the human body and outside of it. In other words, it is non-local in the same sense that quantum objects are non-local.”



Rumors have been flying that Arnold Schwarzenegger (now freed from his duties as governator of California) will be returning to the character that launched his acting career: CONAN THE BARBARIAN.

For fans of the 1982 movie bearing that title (all of whom have agreed to forget it’s vastly inferior sequel), this is great news.

All we know for sure right now is that this teaser poster has been released at the Cannes Film Festival.

Reportedly the new movie will be called LEGEND OF CONAN and will feature Conan in his latter-day role as King of Aquilonia. Robert E. Howard fans are of course hoping that the new movie draws from actual REH Conan stories such as “Phoenix On the Sword” and/or “The Scarlet Citadel.”

Personally I’d love to see a faithful adaptation of Howard’s only Conan novel, “Hour of the Dragon,” which is undoubtedly King Conan’s greatest adventure. (It was also published as CONAN THE CONQUEROR.)

(Thanks to Cosmic BookNews for the report.)


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Weird Tales #340 featured “The Persecution of Artifice the Quill,” the first official tale of Zang.

The legendary WEIRD TALES magazine has posted an interview with Yours Truly: Weird Tales Interviews John R. Fultz.

For the first 15 years of my writing life I had one goal: Sell a story to WEIRD TALES. To do that, I had to write a story worthy of this classic publication.

I started in college, sending in stories I had written in my Creative Writing course at the University of Kentucky. I got plenty of rejections—and plenty of great advice on how to get my writing up to professional standards. Most of those letters came from Darrell Schweitzer, who was the editor of the magazine at the time (along with George Scithers).

Finally, in 2004 (ten years ago!) I sold my first professional story, “The Persecution of Artifice the Quill,” to Darrell/George, and they ran the story in WT #340. They even gave me the “cover treatment”—my name wasn’t on the cover but the Les Edwards painting evokes the faceless Vizarchs who pursue Artifice in the story.

ZangCoverThat story inspired an entire cycle of stories, the Zang Cycle, which are now mostly collected in THE REVELATIONS OF ZANG.

Recently I returned to the World of Zang for a story called “Yael of the Strings”—that story will be running Baen’s SHATTERED SHIELDS anthology (coming in Nov. 2014).

This is the first time WT has interviewed me. I also have a never-before-seen Zang story coming up in a future issue.