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BG on THE THRONE OF BONES reviews one of my all-time favorite story collections: THE THRONE OF BONES by the late Brian McNaughton. Click here to read the BG review.

This gloriously gruesome book—which features everything you could ever want to know (and more) about corpse-munching ghouls—won the World Fantasy Award for best collection in 1998.

McNaughton’s lurid tales blend weird horror with sword-and-sorcery, drawing comparisons to the work of Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard. The interlinked stories (and one novella) in this collection are wholly original, dark as sin, and completely fascinating. Brian McNaughton passed away in 2004, but dark fantasy fans will be discovering this book with macabre delight for many generations.

The book is available in softcover and Kindle versions right here.

RS Interviews Martin

Rolling Stone posted a great interview with GAME OF THRONES writer/creator George R.R. Martin.

Read the interview here: RS Interviews George R.R. Martin


 “Vaesen” from the The Animation Film Project is the best short fantasy film I’ve seen since 2013’s “The Reward” (also from the AFP).

Echoes and Emperor

Stephen E. Fabian’s beautiful cover for ECHOES. recently featured a terrific review of Darrell Schweitzer’s superb story collection ECHOES OF THE GODDESS.

Schweitzer actually put out TWO new story collections last year. The second one, EMPEROR OF THE ANCIENT WORD, is composed of non-related tales and covers fantasy, horror, weird, and all points in between.

Both collections are must-reads for self-respecting fantasy fans.

Get your Schweitzer on.

Thank me later.



“Weird fantastic writing, by its emphasis of the environing cosmic wonder
and spirit of things, may actually be truer to the spirit of life than the work
which merely concerns itself with literalities, as most modern fiction does.”

— Clark Ashton Smith (1933)

Artwork by Rowena, inspired by Clark Ashton Smith's "The Last Incantation."

Artwork by Rowena, inspired by Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Last Incantation.”