DeliriumsMistress-HC-FrontNorilana Books’ TaLeKa imprint just released the fourth book in Tanith Lee’s classic FLAT EARTH series, DELIRIUM’S MISTRESS.

This gorgeous volume is another triumph for Norilana, but it’s also a farewell. Sadly, Norilana won’t be releasing any more FLAT EARTH books. Hopefully the remaining volume, NIGHT’S SORCERIES will be released by another publisher, not to mention the two new additions to the FLAT EARTH mythos that Norilana was planning: THE EARTH IS FLAT and EARTH’S MASTER.

The original FLAT EARTH trilogy (NIGHT’S MASTER, DEATH’S MASTER, and DELUSION’S MASTER), has been released in previous years, reviving one of Lee’s greatest accomplishments and one of the fantasy genre’s most legendary set of tales. DEATH’S MASTER won the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1980. NIGHT’S MASTER and NIGHT’S SORCERIES  were both nominated for World Fantasy Awards (in ’79 and ’88, respectively).

DeathsMasterAll of the Norilana editions (hardcover and softcover) have new introductions by Tanith Lee herself, who also does her own striking cover illustrations, which are transmogrified into ethereal, jewel-like pieces of art by her husband John Kaiine. The newest (and last) Norilana volume is a massive, glimmering emerald of a book.

DELIRIUM’S MISTRESS was the last complete FLAT EARTH novel (the remaining books in the series being collections of short stories), and in some ways it is the best book of the series. After composing its opening chapters, Lee took time off to write a historical novel, and then returned with a vengeance, her storytelling powers waxing greater than ever, and sealed this landmark series with a big, sorcerous kiss. (Except that it wasn’t sealed…it lives on in the forms of the scads of FLAT EARTH short stories—the ones collected in the next two volumes—which will hopefully find a home now that Norilana is defunct.)

DelusionsMaster-TPB-FrontThe TaLeKa versions of the FLAT EARTH books are the definitive versions, and their releases over the last few years has given me a great excuse to re-vist and re-experience each book. Now I look forward to doing that with DELIRIUM’S MISTRESS.

Get your copies of the FLAT EARTH books and other Norliana/TaLeKa books right here. Buy them for yourself or for a friend who needs the power and beauty of Tanith Lee in their life. Norilana won’t be printing any more, so get ’em while they last.