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Happy New Year!

SS-CoverSince I posted a playlist for SEVEN PRINCES and one for
SEVEN KINGS on this blog, it only makes sense to offer a playlist for the final Book of the Shaper. So here they are,
Seven Songs for SEVEN SORCERERS.

(NOTE: Max volume recommended for optimum playback.)

Black Sabbath – “Megalomania”

Conan – “Invincible Throne”

Elder – “III”

Orchid – “Marching Dogs of War”

Rainbow – “Stargazer”

Tool – “Schism”

The Sword – “Seven Sisters”

Endings, Trilogies, and Trash

In order to promote the release of SEVEN SORCERERS I’ve written a trio of articles this week. Here’s the lowdown and the links…


Art by CAZA


First, a piece on ENDINGS for Orbit Books: LA PETIT MORT: The End of the Story

Second, a piece on TRILOGIES for SFSignal: The Power of a Trilogy

Third, a piece on “Trash vs. Treasure” for Black Gate:

SEVEN SORCERERS now available

SS-CoverThe Giants march. The armadas of the Southern Kings sail toward death and glory. The Hordes of Zyung ride across the world bent on conquest in the name of their Almighty leader. A sea of blood is sure to flow…

SEVEN SORCERERS hits bookstores everywhere TODAY.

Ask for it by name.