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ZangCoverMy first short-story collection, THE REVELATIONS OF ZANG: Twelve Tales of the Continent, is finally available in a softcover print edition from Fantastic Books.

The e-book version (from 01 Publishing) has been out for several months, but now readers have their choice of an electronic or good ol’ paper-and-ink book.

Both versions are now on sale at

For more info on the collection, see my previous post HERE.

See My Shadow Changing…

THIS is probably the coolest thing on the Internet right now:

A group of (extremely) talented kids covering TOOL’s metal masterpiece
“46 and 2”. Props to their music teacher Aaron O’Keefe for restoring my faith in the musicians of tomorrow. Now crank it UP.

The Heart of Everything

“A single unified conscious energy field
generates, organizes, and delivers the universe.”


Only 3 months…