SS-CoverOnly five months until the BOOKS OF THE SHAPER Trilogy comes to its world-shattering climax in SEVEN SORCERERS.

The book is set for release on December 10, but Amazon is taking PRE-ORDERS right now.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is my favorite cover of the series. That is the Shaper himself in the foreground. SEVEN SORCERERS is also my favorite volume of the series. Seven years of story-time separated Books 1 and 2. Only seven DAYS of story-time separate Books 2 and 3.

The invasion of Zyung the Almighty and his Manslayer hordes is only days away. It’s up to Iardu the Shaper and Sharadza Vodsdaughter to revive, awaken, and assemble a group of sorcerers with enough to power withstand Zyung’s Legion of High Seraphim—a thousand fanatical wizards.

Vireon the Slayer and Tyro the Sword King lead Men and Giants to defend the free world. So begins the great slaughter of the age…

And that’s only a taste of what’s going on in this book. I haven’t even mentioned Khama the Feathered Serpent, Dahrima the Axe, the Twin Kings of Uurz, D’zan the Sun Bringer, the King On The Cliffs, Sungui the Venomous, or the return of Ianthe the Claw. Other secrets I’ll not mention by name…like the spells in a sorcerer’s book, they must be read to be realized.

Critics talked about the “epic” nature of SEVEN PRINCES. The stakes have only gotten higher, the battles larger, and the sorcery more fantastic in this third and final Book of the Shaper.