SK-UKCoverEarly reviews of SEVEN KINGS are starting to come in. Here’s a quote from one of them that had me grinning from ear to ear:

“Tarantino and Tolkien have a literary
love child and his name is John R. Fultz.”

–Ani Johnson, THE BOOKBAG

As a huge fan of both J.R.R. Tolkien and Quentin Tarantino, I am humbled and tickled by this statement. Ani goes on to write:
“Fultz creates filmic mind-pictures with few words, contrasting scenes of beauty, devastation and spectacular battles. He can extract strong emotions with only a few words…”
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FALCATA TIMES says of the book:
“…when you add cracking characters to the wonderful sense of prose, the cracking descriptiveness of the world and of course the twisted nature of the plot, all round makes this a series that you’ll have a
hard time putting down.”
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“Book two in Fultz’s imaginative visionary tale is the epitome of fantasy. His worldbuilding is in a class by itself. His battle scenes explode with inconceivable actions, his imagery and descriptive narrative gives voice and life to his awe-inspiring characters and his heroes and nightmarish creatures give face to his epic tale.”

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