SK-CoverSEVEN KINGS, in stores today, takes place 7 years after the momentous events of SEVEN PRINCES.

The third book of the Shaper trilogy, SEVEN SORCERERS, will take place only
7 DAYS after the events of SEVEN KINGS.

While each book delivers its own ending, each one is only a part of the greater, over-arching story.

Today the first SEVEN KINGS review came in, so I thought I’d share it right here:

     “Book two in Fultz’s imaginative visionary tale is the epitome of fantasy. His worldbuilding is in a class by itself. His battle scenes explode with inconceivable actions, his imagery and descriptive narrative gives voice and life to his awe-inspiring characters and his heroes and nightmarish creatures give face to his epic tale. The novel stands well alone, but the series should be read in order.