SEVEN KINGS is still four months away, but Amazon is taking pre-orders for it right now -AND- offering delivery on the same day the book is released (Jan. 15). Pre-order your copy right here and save five dollars on the retail price:
Pre-order SEVEN KINGS from Amazon

SEVEN KINGS takes place 7 years after the end of SEVEN PRINCES. Favorite characters return, and some fascinating new ones join the story. Enter the dark and poisonous kingdom of Khyrei, learn the secrets of a long-lost sorcery, witness the rise of ancient terrors, and endure the red nightmare of battle.

Discover more about the mysterious Shaper and his goals; march with the Giants of the North and the green-gold Legions of Uurz; witness the rise and fall of dreadful powers. Read SEVEN KINGS for all of this and more.

I’d love to see this book become the King of Pre-Orders. Let’s make it happen…


— John