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SEVEN PRINCES is bold, brash, and big. This is a novel written with bright strokes of character and setting, bursting with world-shaking adventure, intrigue, and conflict.
It reads big, and feels big, and it’s unrepentantly so.”

— Brian Murphy, 

Cosmic Thoughts: IV

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”
― C.S. Lewis

“… exciting and delightful … thoroughly entertaining …
characters you want to read more about…”


My latest short story “Strange Days in Old Yandrissa”
is now available for downloading at Orbit Short Fiction:

This tale is what I lovingly call a “weird fantasy.” It involves a mad singer who may or may not be a wizard in a land where the laws of nature have begun to shift, melt, or disappear. And there’s a trio of nasty demons along for the ride…

Only $1.99 for 6400 words of fantastical adventure.


How about a nice graphic novel?

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: The ultimate hardcover collected edition of PRIMORDIA, the “stone-age faerie tale” written by me and illustrated by the amazing Roel Wielinga.

The original series was released by Archaia in 2007, but the hardcover is the ultimate edition of the tale. It also includes tons of extras: a new wrap-around cover, a new short story by Yours Truly, new illustrations and sketches from Roel, a groovy pin-up gallery. my original PRIMORDIA ashcan, and other behind-the-scenes goodness, as well as an introduction by the great Kat Rocha (Titanium Rain).

The hardcover hit comic shops across America yesterday, but is available right here from Amazon for a cool 15 bucks:

Here are some preview pages — yes, the entire book is this gorgeous. Roel is a genius!


Primordia pg. 6

Primordia pg.61

Primordia pg.17

Primordia pg.12

Cosmic Thoughts: III

“See beyond your limited situation.
Take as your first principle that you are a child of the universe.”

A Human Tale

“John goes beyond the tropes and conventions of big fantasy; he makes them his own with original twists, and he always, always tells a human tale, the story of characters that engage us.”

— Frederic S. Durbin on SEVEN PRINCES

Full review:

“Embrace your uncertainty and insecurity and you will find the seed of creativity.”
— Chopra

The esteemed Clarkesworld Magazine has posted an in-depth interview with Yours Truly wherein I discuss writing as a form of magic, the power of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the origins of SEVEN PRINCES, and several other fascinating topics:

Also in this issue is an interview with the great Nathan Long, author of JANE CARVER OF WAAR and many fine WARHAMMER novels.

Cosmic Thoughts: I

“Your own body is the entire universe and is of the nature of awareness.” — Shiva Sutra
 Look for more cosmic thoughts on a semi-regular basis here at the Virtual Sanctuary.