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HEIR OF NIGHT author Helen Lowe interviews me at her site:

This is one of those author-to-author interviews where we really get into writing techniques, philosophies, etc. It’s way cool…

Artwork by the great Stephen Fabian.

Muchas Gracias

“Fultz’s debut novel is flawless …
Seven Princes is as good as it gets.” 

–Paul Goat Allen

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My latest article over at Black Gate is an appreciation of Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s amazing “wuxia” trilogy–a trio of kung fu films that revolutionize the genre and re-invent the martial arts movie in the same way that Ang Lee’s CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON did at the turn of the millennium.

Yimou is one of my all-time favorite directors, and his movies are masterworks of visually kinetic storytelling.

Find out why martial arts movies will never be the same by clicking the link:


The great Darrell Sweet illustrated a scene from Tolkien's SILMARILLION in a painting called "Glaurung."

SFFWRTCHT: What’s the best writing advice you have to offer new writers who ask?

John R. Fultz: Just keep writing. If you’re really a writer, there’s nothing else you can do. Write what you believe in…conquer your own mountains…write the best stories you can and get them out there where people can dig your mojo. Build a suit of armor from your accumulated rejection slips and wear it into battle. Kill that dragon.

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