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After many months of keeping it under my hat, I can finally share this with you guys: It’s the fantastic final cover design for SEVEN PRINCES.

Orbit just did a cover launch for the book on their official site today:

Artist Richard Anderson did an amazing job, giving us a silhouette of each prince, evoking the golden sun of a battlefield, the waving standards of ancient armies, and leaving just enough detail to the imagination.

Richard will also be doing the covers for the 2nd and 3rd
Books of the Shaper

I am thrilled to have his incredible images on these covers. His work is a great modern take on classic fantasy themes, which is perfect for this series.

More of Richard’s cutting edge artwork can be found at his own site:

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for SEVEN PRINCES right here :


SEVEN KINGS completed

SEVEN KINGS is now complete.
Just sent it off to my editor at Orbit tonight.

October will be a month of recharging the spirit and reloading the imagination. The World Fantasy Convention, my 42nd birthday, and the ghoulish glory that is Halloween.

In November I’ll turn my attention toward writing SEVEN SORCERERS, the third volume in the Books of the Shaper trilogy.

Meanwhile, Orbit should be doing a SEVEN PRINCES cover launch soon. The first Book of the Shaper hits bookstores on January 3rd.


There’s something about zombies and comic books that just works every time. Sometimes twice.

The new ZOMBIE TALES Omnibus from Boom! Studios includes my gangster-zombie story “The Last Hit,” which appeared in the late lamented title a few years back. Superbly illustrated by Aritz Eiguren, this 8-pager combines Night of the Living Dead with The Sopranos in a most gruesome and gory style.

ZOMBIE TALES was one of Boom!’s early successes–and the omnibus preserves the greatness of the original series. It features some stellar work from such writers as Mark Waid (IRREDEEMABLE, KINGDOM COME), John Rogers (Leverage, Transformers), William Messner-Loebs (THE FLASH, THE MAXX), Brian Augustyn (JLA: YEAR ONE, B.P.R.D.), role-playing game master Monte Cook, Karl Kesel (FANTASTIC FOUR, SUPERMAN), Michael Alan Nelson (28 DAYS LATER), Ian Brill (DARKWING DUCK), Tom Peyer (THE FLASH), Pierluigi Cothran (HEROES webcomic), Bryce Carlson (WALL•E), plus art from the likes of Andy Kuhn (FIREBREATHER), Keith Giffen (O.M.A.C., LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES), Jon Schnepp (Venture Brothers, Metalocalypse), Toby Cypress (KILLING GIRL), and more.

Yes, the “and more” includes Yours Truly. 🙂


Nice review of MONK PUNK, featuring my kung-fu fantasy “Where the White Lotus Grows.”

The story is somewhat of a tribute to David Carradine’s Kwai Chang Caine character from the classic KUNG FU show…my favorite ShaoLin monk ever.

LOVECRAFT is back!

The wait is over: The LOVECRAFT eZine is back with an all-new issue!

This marks the 6th issue. My story about Nyarlathotep in the Dreamlands, “The Lord of Endings”, is slated for October’s issue #7.

Bookmark it, tell your friends, and get your Lovecraft on.

Peace & Tentacles,

My (somewhat heated) review of the new ELRIC comic from Boom! Studios.

UPDATE 9/7/11:

I just sat down and read the first issue of the Giffen/DiDio O.M.A.C.

I’m pleased to report that IT. UTTERLY. ROCKS.

Giffen does his best Kirby-esque artwork, and the redesign of O.M.A.C. himself is a superbly modernized version of Kirby’s classic design. The story begins with BANG! — just like Kirby would have done it. However, there’s a bit of mystery building here as well.

We aren’t quite sure what’s going on with our blockbusting hero yet. He’s being given orders by some interior voice that turns out to be Brother Eye — another concept straight from Kirby’s original saga. There is wall-to-wall action here as O.M.A.C. demolishes his way through the Cadmus installation seeking its main information core. Faceless drones, synthetic monsters, and army of security guards haven’t a chance of stopping this juggernaut. Giffen’s artwork has never looked better–any fan of Jack Kirby will be practically squealing with delight.

It’s great to see a modern comic that isn’t afraid to abandon the “slow build” that hampers so many first issues these days. This inaugural issue gets right into the action and never lets up. This isn’t exactly Kirby’s O.M.A.C., but it’s extremely close. Probably closer than any other version.

It’s also interesting how Giffen brings in some other Jack Kirby characters and concepts that were not a part of the original O.M.A.C. book–specifically Lord Mokkari and Dubbilex from Kirby’s JIMMY OLSEN run. The goal seems to be placing O.M.A.C. firmly in the DC Universe of “now,” instead of the far-future world of the original comic. Not sure if that will play out, but if it means a longer life for this book, it’s well worth the adjustment.

O.M.A.C. #1 is as powerful as a punch in the nose. These guys are making Kirby’s legend (and his fans) very proud.

Can’t wait to see where this books goes…




Jack Kirby’s ironically prophetic  look into the future of law enforcement and the age of global terrorism is getting a new life courtesy of Keith Giffen and Dan DiDio at DC Comics.

O.M.A.C. (short for One-Man Army Corps) is one of my favorite Kirby books–lasting for only 8 issues in ’74-’75. If anybody can capture Kirby’s energy and style it’s Keith Giffen, so this new O.M.A.C. title will likely be one of the best DC books in their new lineup. (If you haven’t heard, they cancelled all their books and are relaunching with 52 “first-issue” comics, including this one.)

io9 has posted a nice preview of the first issue right here:

This book, along with the new FRANKENSTEIN comic, are the ones I’m most looking forward to in this “all-new” DC.

Kirby’s original O.M.A.C. is available in a gorgeous hardcover collection. I highly recommend it.

I hope the new take on this character lives up to Kirby’s unmatched legacy.

(Global) Peace! (Agency)