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Here’s my “fair and balanced” review of the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN movie at

The review in a nutshell:

All style and no substance. Lots of pretty visuals can’t save a script built on cliches.

Rose McGowan does steal the show, however, as the sexy psychopathic sorceress Marique.

Align yourself with a new belief: “I am the world.”


Turns out the rumors of Lovecraft eZine‘s demise were greatly exaggerated…

Instead of shutting down, it’s changing management. According to zine founder Mike Davis, the magazine will re-launch soon, having skipped its July issue.

As far as I know, my story “The Lord of Endings” will still be running in the issue that follows. It’s great to see the zine that was just getting the word out there avoid getting the can. Yet it reminds us all of Lovecraft’s famous quote:

“That which is not dead may eternal lie,
But with stranger eons even death may die.”

Not sure if the URL will remain the same, but I’ll post an update when the zine reappears.

You can’t keep a good Lovecraft mag down…