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 "Perception is different in different states of consciousness. Therefore reality is different in different states of consciousness. Every state of consciousness creates its own pattern of neurochemical circuits. The brain changes according to the state of consciousness." -- Chopra

LOVECRAFT EZINE it NOW and catch up on the last four issues. It's CREEPTACULAR!

Horror fans and Lovecraft afficionados have been darkly singing the praises of LOVECRAFT eZINE. Editor/founder Mike Davis and Crew offer monthly chills and thrills that “share the tone and themes of Lovecraft.”  That is, cosmic fear, or simply “weird fiction” if you prefer. Within that spectrum there is a vast array of possibilities for horror, dark fantasy, and beyond. Some of the zine’s current best include tales by horrormeister W.H. Pugmire, an Old School Gent when it comes to all things Lovecraftian, as well as stories by Joe Pulver and David J. West.

In its forthcoming August issue LOVECRAFT eZINE will be featuring my story “The Lord of Endings,” a tale inspired by Lovecraft’s Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, the Black Pharaoh, the Haunter of the Dark, the Faceless God and Messenger of the Old Ones. It’s also about hate, and the power it has to poison the dreams of the living. Fans of Lovecrafts’ Dreamlands stories will either love it or weep about it.

The inspired art at the site is done by Pat (mimulux). Above is the fantastic cover of the first issue. Issues #1-5 are available for reading at:

Check it out now and keep an eye open for “The Lord of Endings.”

Sweet dreams!

The world you experience everyday is your interpretation of it.


Brave Dreams
That Are Kindled From Ashes
Rise Out Over All The Battle Below
Spread Wings Over All That He Passes
So His Life Can Stay Immortal 
To His Country
All The Shades Of Green That Fall Beneath This Tree
So Let The Winds Of Change
That Rearrange The Country
Let It Also Sow A Seed Of Memory

Marlena In The Cool Satin Sashes
Spread Dreams Over The Battle Below
Bring Love With A Song As She Passes
So His Life Can Stay Immortal
To The Country
And Let Every Man Aware Of Being Free
Mmm, When She Talks Of Times When Wine Is Handed To Me
From A Face That Walked Out Of A Memory

And Now That The Battle Is Done
And You Wake Up In The Morning
With The Sun Up In The Sky
Summer Never Gives You No Warning Then
Flowers Are Getting Thrown Up To Cover The Mud Up On The Line
Valleys Getting Greener And There's
Nothing But Love On Your Mind

Brave Dreams That Are Kindled From Ashes
Rise Out Over The Battle Below
Spread Wings Over All That He Passes
So His Life Can Stay Immortal
To The Country
Other Shades Of The Green That Brought For Me A Victory
But The Winds Of Change
Have Rearranged This Country

SEED OF MEMORY by Terry Reid

Momoa as Khal Drogo (left) and Conan of Cimmeria (right). One man, two barbarians.

Tonight’s episode of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES was written by the creator George R. R. Martin himself. And it was off the hook!

The show has been a slow build, and tonight Martin and Co. pulled the rip-cord. The result is one of the most thrilling, violent, fast-paced, and plot-twisting episodes since ROME’s second season.

Jason Momoa finally gets to cut loose as the barbarian horselord Khal Drogo. Upon watching it, one has no doubt that he will play a pitch-perfect Conan in the upcoming CONAN THE BARBARIAN movie.

This single episode of GoT had the bang of most Season Finales…but there is more to come. Tyrion, as usual, ends up being my personal fave of all the great characters. But it’s hard not to love the Kaleesi. Emilia Clarke is stunning and unforgettable as Daenerys Targaryen. The seeds of her great slave liberation are sewn right here as she curbs the bloodthirsty nature of the horse tribes.

So nice to see the author of the novels so essential and involved with the adaptation of his work.



Emilia Clarke's version of Daenerys Targaryen steals the show on more than a few episodes.