BLACK GATE #15, a huge issue with my story “The Vintages of Dream” inside, is in the mail as you read this. It’s also available for downloading as a PDF file at:  So whether you like your fiction on paper or onscreen, BG’s got you covered.

I’m particularly pleased to share this issue with two of my good friends, Darrell Schweitzer and Fred S. Durbin. And there are so many other great stories and so much great artwork, I can’t stress it enough: This is the mag to get.

Here’s a preview of the art that goes with “The Vintages of Dream,” my story of a two-bit rogue who hits the bigtime when he robs the tower of a wine-making wizard. It’s a heist tale with an ironic edge and plenty of strange sorcery.

Ken Burles did a terrific job with the illustration: