Rogue Blades Entertainment has announced the full Table of Contents for their forthcoming anthology ASSASSINS.

The book includes my story “A Fool in the Court of the Idiot-King,” among plenty of other tales of dagger-wielding rogues and generally murderous fantasies. Bound to be a wicked good time…

Here’s the entire TOC (in no particular order):

•Jon Sprunk ~ Foreword
•Erin M. Hartshorn ~ “Snake in the Grass”
•Ramon Rozas III ~ “Three Rules to Live By”
•Dayle A. Dermatis ~ “The Sultan’s Sons”
•Seth Skorkowsky ~ “The Blossom of Eternity”
•C. L. Werner ~ “A Blade for the Dead”
•Steve Goble ~ “Otrossius and the 13 Assassins”
•Carl Walmsley ~ “Homecoming”
•Robert E. Waters ~ “The People’s Avenger”
•Josh Brown ~ “Goldenbee’s Savior”
•Jonathan Moeller ~ “Artists”
•John R. Fultz ~ “A Fool in the Court of the Idiot-King”
•Bill Ward ~ “Shadow of the Demonspawn Emperor”
•Phil Emery ~ “Endgame Assassins”
•Alter S. Reiss ~ “Difficulties of the Eight Quarters”
•Bruce Durham ~ “Dark Assassin”
•Wil Dan Collins ~ “Citadel of Screaming Spires”
•Robert Mammone ~ “Blood Fire”
•Christine Lucas ~ “The Last Dues Owed”
•Craig Comer ~ “The Blood of Khalid Al’Tahir”
•J.M. Martin ~ “Blind Ambition”
•Christopher Heath ~ “Azieran: A Penance, of Sorts”
•Frederick Tor & RBE’s Kaimer

More info and pre-ordering right here:

Full view of the wrap-around ASSASSINS cover by artist Didier Normand.