This is the new Conan of Cimmeria. Someone's gonna bleed...


I’ve heard a lot of bitching about what the makers of the new CONAN movie are doing wrong, but based on some photos from the set it looks they are doing some things very right. The costuming, the casting, the sets…they all look fantastic. Here’s a pic of the new Conan (as played by actor Jason Momoa)…you couldn’t ask for someone closer to Barry Windsor Smith’s “young Conan” from the 70s Marvel Comics…which of course were based on Howard’s original tales.

I’ve also heard this movie will be Rated R. That bodes well for this being more along the lines of the original John Milius CONAN THE BARBARIAN movie, rather than its incredibly lame sequel.

You can’t judge a film by set photos…but you can get a rough idea of what it will look like. And this new Conan looks very cool to me. Let’s just hope the script is good, the directing is solid, and the special effects aren’t overdone.