Well, I’m off to Chicago for a few days, so the blog posts may be less frequent this week. I’m taking my copy of THE POWER THAT PRESERVES with me…I’m only a few chapters into it but already it’s at a fever pitch. Donaldson really starts this third book of his trilogy with a BANG…the Siege of Revelstone is on and Thomas Covenant will have to bring himself back to The Land if he wants to save it. Meanwhile, my own return to The Land (i.e. California) will be Thursday evening.

Also in my travelin’ bag for my sojourn to the Midwest are copies of Michael Shea’s NIFFT THE LEAN and Chopra’s POWER, WISDOM, AND GRACE (I always travel with this book). I probably won’t finish reading POWER this week, but just in case I’ve got NIFFT, which has been on my reading list for quite awhile now.

Before I hop on the proverbial “big ol’ jet airliner,” I leave you with this classic tune from the Godfather of Blues, the great Robert Johnson…