Here’s a new pic from the forthcoming THOR movie, giving us our first good look at Odin the All-Father, and Loki the God of Mischief. (Thor himself was already shown in some previous preview pics.)

I wonder if Thor, Odin, and Loki will have CGI-generated helmets in the movie. All three characters wear helms constantly in the CGI headgear is a definite possibility.

Here’s what I like about it: This is definitely Jack Kirby’s Odin, Loki, and Thor (albeit reinvented for the cinema and modern audiences). It’s faithful enough that I think the King of Comics would be proud to see it. Notice the intricate detail of Odin’s armor…total Kirby. (Keep in mind the CGI hasn’t been added to these photos yet, so they’re not yet shining with godly power or metallic sheen.) That’s also Kirby’s Loki…but more the Loki of his “Tales of Asgard” back-ups than the big-horned Loki that came to be the standard model. And Thor himself is pretty close to Kirby’s original design, despite the absence of the trademark winged helm.

Compare the movie Odin (Sir Anthony Hopkins) to this classic Kirby panel:

Nice! Although Kirby hadn’t yet added Odin’s traditional eye-patch in this picture, the grandeur and majesty of the All-Father is there in every line.

Kenneth Branagh is bringing the thunder to THOR. Verily!

But here’s what really gives me high hopes for the THOR movie: Kenneth Branagh…a director/actor with serious Shakespearean cred. There’s no question about it, THE MIGHTY THOR comic was Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s “Shakespeare” book. I believe Branagh is coming from the same inspiration.

Look back at the movie pic…see the sheer insolence on Loki’s face? Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. The Gods are in the Details.

Nothing will be certain until the movie hits theatres, but from everything I’ve heard and seen, THOR has the potential to be one of the best Marvel movies ever. Perhaps even the best. (Depends on how much you love the character…and Shakespeare.)

I can’t wait to see The Warriors Three, especially with Ray Stevenson (ROME’s “Titus Pullo”) as Voluminous Volstagg….the hits just keep on coming.

Just for the Hel of it (pun intended), here’s my all-time favorite vision of Loki, as drawn by the immortal Big John Buscema. This pic has everything: power, grace, the solemn frustration and misery of the evil one. Next to Kirby, Buscema did my favorite Thor comics (followed closely by the great Walt Simonson).


For Asgard!!!